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WinDelivery, more than just an ordering platform
Our integrated management program streamlines each of the pillars of your business.
Your main concern will be to generate orders.

Have greater reach

We develop your own ordering platform.

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Reduce costs in aggregators and have more of your own home orders.

Get to know your customers

With the support of the data and analysis that we give you.

Say hello to practicality

Concentrate all of your orders and deliverymen apps on a single platform.


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Goiko Grill

Álvaro González

Ex Chief Technology Officer at Goiko Grill

The WinDelivery team helped us to build our own delivery product covering all operational, technical and business needs in record time.
I can talk a lot about having a partner and not a supplier. The WinDelivery team is a living example of building a technological partnership for the restaurant industry.
Burguer King

Javier Arévalo Benítez

Chief Information Officer

This platform has been fundamental to Burger King’s sustained growth over the last few years and key to consolidating its position as a leader in its sector in the Iberian Peninsula […]. Through its flexible architecture, the platform has been able to scale and grow with our business […] demonstrating that it is a stable and reliable system capable of supporting one of our main business channels.

Nacho Tovar

Iberia’s Director of Innovation and Transformation
WinDelivery has been for us an example of commitment, flexibility and customer orientation in such a difficult moment as the COVID19 crisis, in which we made a service like Deliverfly a reality: food directly to your seat in a totally safe, digital and innovative experience. Talent and vision from a Spanish startup.”

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