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Business Intelligence, an ally for take away restaurants


Making the right decisions. This is perhaps one of the concerns that large and medium-sized restaurant chains tend to have. It is not always easy to take the right path. However, in recent years, technology has become the best ally for large chains that manage take away restaurants. Would you like to know how daily management has changed? We tell you about this below.

The tool for making the best decisions

The answer is simple. Business Intelligence (BI) has become the perfect ally for chains that manage restaurants with delivery services. And this is, quite simply, because it helps to optimize profit and the return on investment (ROI). 

Business Intelligence technology uses tools that provide business data such as sales, expenses, statistics in real time, etc. These features are what make the difference, since by knowing this data, analyzing and interpreting them, it is possible to react to the successes and errors of the business. 
In this sense, using complete platforms for delivery restaurants that use Business Intelligence allows for better control, analysis, management and measurement of the hospitality business data in real time, with the objective of optimizing processes, building customer loyalty and improving customer satisfaction with respect to delivery services.

Benefits of BI in large and medium-sized chains

Data-driven enterprises obtain 70% more revenue per employee and 22% more profit than those that do not base their decision making on the use of data. This is according to the study The data-powered enterprise. Why organizations must strengthen their data mastery, prepared by Capgemini. 

The study highlights the need to use BI in all types of industries, especially those that target end customers, such as the hospitality industry. This technology, for example, helps to improve operational efficiency: by using machine learning in the hospitality industry, it is possible to better understand customer behavior and offer services according to their preferences. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are of great use when it comes to analyzing factors such as the impact of market trends on consumption.

On the other hand, delivery restaurants improve their relationship with the customer by having more information about their consumers. Through platforms such as WinDelivery, it is possible to have information on the recurrence of orders, the type of dishes that are most consumed and to evaluate the consumer much better. 

The rapid spread of artificial intelligence and machine learning in this sector has contributed significantly to the growing popularity of chatbots. Thanks to them, large and medium-sized chains can drive better customer experiences. One way to do this is through their own delivery channel, which allows them to interact with customers and send them specific offers or promotions. 

Regardless of the above, business intelligence applied to delivery services provides accurate estimates of food delivery time. Machine learning in foodservice helps collect real-time data on traffic and routing plans and therefore provides companies with an accurate estimate of delivery time. In addition, artificial intelligence and machine learning combined can help predict the impact of these factors on food. This means that preventive measures can be taken to avoid dishes arriving in poor condition to the end consumer and to optimize delivery times. This helps to maintain optimum quality of service. 

In short, making decisions based on data always helps to improve. Technology is advancing and integrating systems of this type into the business development plan is always a good idea.

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