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Food delivery now offered on Iberia aircraft


Airport food delivery is a new trend in Spain that has been operating for some time in other countries and is improving user satisfaction. The food delivery service is starting to be offered in the aviation sector. Iberia is one of the first airlines to use the WinDelivery platform to offer its passengers the possibility of ordering the food they want to eat during their flight. 

Aircraft food delivery solutions

Covid-19 has been detrimental to the tourism sector, especially in the aeronautical field. Enaire’s team of air traffic controllers managed nearly 150,000 flights in July 2021. The figure is 30% lower than that recorded during the same period in 2019. 

Although there are already signs of recovery in the industry, airlines are looking to innovate and offer a better service to travelers. One way to do this and to surprise passengers is by implementing food delivery solutions

The platform, developed by the startup Homeria, has brought to life an idea that Iberia had been wanting to implement. Thus, DeliverFly, a proprietary channel that allows passengers to order the products they will consume on board before flying, was implemented. 

The operation of the delivery platform is simple. It is connected to the flight booking page. When the passenger purchases the ticket, they can also select whether they want to order food to take on board. Once the passenger boards the plane, the staff will deliver the products they have purchased to be consumed during the flight. 

Innovation and sustainability 

For the time being, DeliverFly is only available on flights operated by Iberia. Its implementation represents an innovative plus for the airline. It also contributes to sustainability. 

The aircraft delivery system is a way for airlines to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, SDG 12 targets sustainable production and consumption. In this sense, the goal is the efficient use of natural resources. This goal also includes the management of solid waste and the reduction of polluting emissions.

Precisely, airlines that implement this system reduce waste generation. For example, in the case of Iberia, the company only prepares and loads on board what will be consumed during the flight. In addition, each flight also reduces on-board weight, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Iberia’s Director of Innovation and Transformation, Nacho Tovar, assures that throughout this process “WinDelivery has been an example of commitment, flexibility and customer orientation in such a complex moment as the Covid-19 crisis, in which we made a service like DeliverFly a reality: food directly to your seat in a totally safe, digital and innovative experience. Talent and vision from a Spanish startup”. 

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