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Food delivery service, safe value for large and medium chains


Until a few years ago, no one imagined that you could eat as well at home as in a restaurant. Nothing foretold that home delivery would be the order of the day, nor that it would experience its golden age due to a pandemic.

Probably, if someone had ever asked you if you were going to have to implement a food delivery strategy in the large or medium-sized chain you work for, you wouldn’t have believed it. But it’s the case, and turning to technology and a reliable order management system has become a strategic solution for every restaurant.

The figures don’t lie. Food delivery has experienced a huge growth after the pandemic caused by Covid-19. A study on ‘FoodDelivery Platforms’ conducted by Fintonic shows that in 2020 the food delivery service recorded an increase of 225% over the previous year.

Food delivery, an iron constitution

What at first seemed like a fad, is here to stay. Takeaway food has developed an iron grip on health over the months. In the summer of 2020 alone, the number of users of this type of service doubled. In addition, the average expenditure of orders compared to 2019, increased by 49%. All this resulted in an increase in sales of more than 200%.

The food delivery service has become a secure added value for large and medium-sized restaurant chains. From WinDelivery we are already noticing it and we started to do it during the lock down. During the first weeks of restrictions, 10% of the Spanish population opted to order food at home. Most of them were looking explicitly and, through specific applications, for a ‘food delivery service near my location’ to continue enjoying their favorite restaurants despite not being able to leave home. According to the Fintonic report, the average ticket per order was 46 euros. And the situation has not changed, despite the lifting of restrictions.

After the end of the state of alarm and the full opening of catering establishments, it seemed that the food delivery service would once again experience its low hours. On the contrary. It has become the boost that catering establishments needed to overcome the crisis. Home delivery management platforms are now as necessary in these establishments as the POS can be.

Food delivery services in large cities

Large, medium or small cities. There is no difference when it comes to food delivery services, as these systems are nowadays implemented in most restaurants. But in which cities is there the greatest demand for food delivery services? Undoubtedly, large cities are the ones that stand out most in terms of innovation.

For example, during the period of lockdown, Madrid was the region with the highest demand for this type of service. The Spanish capital has achieved a penetration of home delivery services of 14%. Behind it is the city of Barcelona, with 9.8%, while the third place in the ranking goes to Asturias, with 8.5%.

The combination of physical and electronic restaurants has enabled large and medium-sized restaurant chains to recover their business. One out of every three Spaniards already consumes indiscriminately in one of these channels, which is why it is becoming increasingly important to have a platform for the integrated management of the lifecycle of food delivery orders.

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