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Large and medium-sized delivery restaurant brands choose having their own channel


Renovate or die. That is the question that concerns thousands of large and medium-sized restaurant brands today. It is no longer enough to offer the best gastronomy or the best service in the dining room; you also have to get to where the consumer is. In this case, being a delivery restaurant chain has everything to gain. In an interconnected world, offering the option of home delivery makes it possible to broaden the range of customers. But which distribution channel to choose: in-house or outsourced? Large and medium-sized restaurant brands with delivery choose the in-house channel. We explain why.

The best delivery service for restaurants

The home delivery service is a way to innovate in the world of hospitality. If you have considered giving added value to your restaurants, this is undoubtedly the best option. It is becoming increasingly common for users to search the Internet for ‘restaurants near me with delivery’. If the restaurant chain is within this radius of action, it is very likely that your clientele will increase in number.

Nowadays, having this type of service in your restaurants is also a way to increase your company’s sales. In this way, you will not have to worry about the capacity of the premises, something that is very convenient nowadays with the limitations of capacity and safety distance between tables.

When it comes to channeling these sales, the distribution channel plays a very important role. It is the path that the product follows from the restaurant kitchen to the final consumer. But how can you offer a quality service and which restaurant delivery software should you choose? The in-house channel continues to be the most popular choice. Why? Because, in addition to convenience, it prevents delivery restaurants from having to face the commissions imposed by food delivery apps.

Advantages of your own channel in delivery restaurants

One of the main benefits of having your own channel in restaurants that offer this service is that costs are reduced. The restaurant manages to protect its profit margins by minimizing dependence on delivery aggregators. A study carried out by Semana Económica estimates that with a proprietary channel restaurants avoid losing between 20% and 35% of their profits.

In addition, the company gains in visibility, since it will not depend on a platform developed by third parties. The proprietary channel promotes customer loyalty with offers, promotions and a more personalized service.

But is it difficult to manage your own distribution channel? Not at all. Forget about the difficulties that delivery services for restaurants may entail. You can count on a user-friendly system that easily adapts to the operational reality of the site you run

Nor will you have to worry about the time it may take to implement the distribution channel, since you will be able to count on it in record time. All these are benefits.

By having your own channel to manage the delivery service, you will receive all orders on a single device. From the same place you will be able to manage both the company’s delivery drivers and the quality of the delivery, and get to know your brand’s users better. In addition, in WinDelivery you can also integrate order aggregators.

Nowadays the power of a company is in the data. With WinDelivery the use of Big Data will sneak into your restaurant chain to enable a more efficient and better quality service, always meeting the expectations of your customers. So it is not surprising that large and medium-sized restaurant delivery brands are opting for their own channel. Would you like to give it a try?

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