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WinDelivery: order management system for large and medium-sized brands


The technological revolution is here to stay and will change the world of catering. Do you remember when there were no PDAs or cell phones to take orders? Or when most of the food delivery orders were received by phone? Gone are the days of analog. Now it’s all about technology.

In the last year, home food delivery has increased by 50% from 11am to 1pm and by 60% from 6pm to 8pm, according to Mox data. Precisely with that idea comes WinDelivery, a home delivery management system for large and medium-sized brands. Would you like to know more about us and how you can use a platform for restaurant order management to help you take your brand to the next level? In this blog we will tell you all that and much more!

What is WinDelivery?

First of all, let’s go by steps. What is WinDelivery? What is our order management system for restaurants? What advantages does it have? How does it work? We know you have a thousand questions in your head and in this blog we are going to answer them all. However, we take advantage of this ‘presentation’ entry to provide you with some details. 

As you well know, the food delivery market is advancing by leaps and bounds and neither large nor medium-sized restaurant chains like yours want to be left behind. With that idea in mind we decided to create WinDelivery, a platform for the integral management of the life cycle of home food delivery orders.

With this tool, what we do is to channel all the food delivery orders received by large and medium-sized restaurant chains. It is a simple (and technological) way to centralize the management of the so-called food delivery.

Modern order management system

One of the advantages of having an order management software like WinDelivery is that it is a modern and very easy to use system. One of its strong points, to be precise, is that it allows the inclusion of order aggregators, virtual assistants or specific applications. Simplicity is synonymous with efficiency in this case.

Own channel

What restaurant doesn’t want to have its own branded channel and be able to customize it 100%? With WinDelivery this is possible. Use technology and adapt it to your company, to the way you operate, making your business much smarter.

Most reliable data

They say that data is the gasoline of the 21st century. In our case, the use of data is the energy that lights your fire. We know how important it is for your customers to have the best and most reliable information. We have developed the Data Power concept for this purpose. We centralize all the activity of your users, allowing you to consult all that information, analyze it and make decisions that benefit your business.

Technology at the service of major brands

From the moment a customer orders a meal to the moment they receive it, a series of processes are interconnected that must work like clockwork to achieve maximum satisfaction. Our platform takes care of managing this entire process.

What does your restaurant chain get out of it? You will be able to increase the delivery rate, to gain agility in the whole process. Is it worth it? Of course! More efficiency, transparency in the process, productivity, etc. Our order management system leaves no one unimpressed. In this blog you can discover why.

In addition, we will present you with useful information about the food delivery industry, talk about omni-channel strategies, technology and everything that will help your chain succeed. Dozens of large and medium-sized restaurants have already tried our order management system. Will your company be next? We’re looking forward to it!

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